H-1B Visas : H-1B reform bill seeks to expand annual quota

Cutting down the H-1B Visas is the Top Priority of Donald Trump since he entered the White House. He kept making many moves in this direction to ensure Americans get more jobs under his regime.

To his shock, Two Republican Senators moved a bill seeking increase of H-1B visas on Thursday. They opined America would get benefitted if highly-skilled workers from across the Globe work in the country.  

Senators Aarin Huch and Jeff Flock tabled 'The Immigration Innovation (1-Squared) Act 2018 in US Congress. They claim, 'Passage of the Bill strengthens US Economy. H-1B Reforms curbs misuse, protects workers, permits highly-skilled to stay in US and increase the possibility of receiving Green Card. Fees collected for issuing H-1B visa and Green Card should be used for training of STEM Workers and Promoting Education'.

"This bill will greatly enable continued US innovation, job creation, and economic expansion, while preventing abuses of the H-1B programme that could harm US workers," said Mark MacCarthy, senior vice president for Public Policy of the Software & Information Industry Association.

Tech Giants have been extending their support to this Bill favouring H-1B visas. Even Top Trade Bodies such as IT Industry Counsel is backing it.  

Lynn Shotwell, executive director, Council for Global Immigration said that the legislation would ensure that employers acting in good faith have access to the top global talent they need to compete, while providing additional investments to train and educate US workers in high-demand STEM fields, while also reforming the H-1B programme with enhanced protections for US workers.