5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Cleaning Services for Your Yoga Studio
Yoga studios may be a perfect place for wellness, but it could be a perfect breeding ground for germs and viruses, too.

These tiny organisms love to dwell in warm, dark and damped places like those studios that cater to hot yoga or sauna.

With COVID-19 pandemic continuously bringing life as we know it to an extreme halt, studio owners must cultivate cleanliness as they welcome their loyal yogis and yoginis back to the track without the risk of getting infected. While more and more studios are slowly reopening in the new normal, some people are still worried about their safety during yoga classes and therefore choose to pursue meditation at the comfort of their homes.    

As a studio owner, you only want what’s best for your customers. After all, keeping them safe and happy is a way of protecting your business as well. To ensure your customer’s safety, you need to implement simple health protocols inside the studio, encourage them to bring their own mat and other shared items and provide a clean and virus-free environment. 

When it comes to commercial cleanliness, basic cleaning techniques are not enough. No matter how hard you wipe down all these mats at the end of every class, that doesn’t do anything to fight mould growth on the floor, walls, and ceiling. You need some overall cleaning and that’s where professional cleaners can help. Let’s talk about why you need them and why they are a cheaper, more efficient solution to your problem. 

Best Cleaning Equipment 

Professional cleaning services are equipped with a prime selection of EPA-approved, high-power cleaning agents and devices that specialise in sanitising the floors, ceilings, walls, doors, windows, and other frequently touched surfaces. On top of that, they have well-trained associates with years of experience in any commercial cleaning techniques.  

Improved Sanitation

With a serious virus on the loose, never settle for just any janitorial service or doing it on your own. Trust only the professional cleaners. With their best cleaning equipment and well-seasoned associates, cleaning services can guarantee to give your space a deep, professional clean it needs on a regular basis.

Ash and Mould Removal

Burning incense is very common in meditation. It may bring several health benefits, but the ashes from the incense can be a problem for studio owners. These substances are hard to remove that they can leave debris on surfaces and make your studio look filthy. Professional cleaners can use power supplies that can remove the sticky residues of ashes on any surfaces. Just as how they can erase ash remains easily, professional cleaners can also help remove mould and mildew buildup from all corners of the room, especially hard-to-access areas that can hide humidity.

Specialised Floor Cleaning

Drops of sweat and saliva on the floor are inevitable during yoga classes, making it one of the dirtiest areas in your studio. You don’t have to worry about breaking down the seal of your flooring and causing water damage because of some chemicals in cleaning products. Professional cleaners use specialised and eco-friendly cleaning agents that can hospital-grade clean the floor without causing a dull finish. 

Prices for Any Yoga Studio’s Budget

You can find a number of local cleaning services that offer the lowest prices possible for small businesses, so you don’t have to worry about whether your studio can afford it or not. The best part is that they are just one call away. As long as you find a reputable service that works best for your needs, they are always available and ready to help anytime you need them. Some companies would even provide a free visit and quote from one of their associates. 


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