All About Hand Embroidery Dresses For Women
What are Hand Embroidery Dresses, types and shopping?

What are hand embroidered dresses?

An embroidery is a form of art in which decoration of fabrics occurs through a thread and needle to produce intricate designs. This skill has been in practice around the world for thousands of years.

The beginning of this art could have been in the 30,000 BC as some artifacts show proof of the existence of this art in that era. Researchers believe that embroidery and needlework on fabrics originated from the Middle East.

As time escalated and with the world modernized, this skill became a big part of many cultures and embroidered dresses became the life of many women's clothing in those cultures. 

Types of embroidery used in dresses in different cultures 

Every country has its own type of embroidery which reflects their culture and traditions. Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh are just a few examples of these countries that practice this form of art. There are a number of different techniques and ways that embroidery artists and designers use to express their own unique styles. Every design is different from one and another, however, we can categorize them by the techniques used. Many Pakistani bridal dresses use embroidery to give them a royal feel and elaborate on the beauty of the dress.


This is a simple style of embroidery that originated from Bengal and Odisha. Traditionally this could be found on sarees with stitches on the edges of the saree. The unique thing about this type of embroidery is the use of animals and flowers in the patterns.


This embroidery is native to Lucknow, India.  It started as white embroidery done onto white clothing but now it’s done on various different colors and fabrics including net, chiffon, cotton, silk, and etc. The use of beads and other ornaments on wedding outfits for women with this embroidery is very common.


The use of gold and silver threads on fabrics as Zardozi. This trend came from Persia and was adopted by the Mughals to decorate their lavish clothing. Nowadays this is very common and is loved by modern women of Pakistan.


Commonly recognized as Kashmiri embroidery. Mughals loved this type of embroidery as it uses elements from nature to create complex patterns. This type of embroidery is common on silk, wool, and cotton. The use of nature and thread colors reflect the beauty of Kashmir that compliments the person wearing the clothing. The fact that this embroidery design was loved by Mughals makes it the perfect embroidery for bridal dresses as it gives it a royal feel.


This is a traditional Gujarati embroidery in which vibrant colors and mirror work is common. The vibrant colors and shine from the mirrors make this embroidery very prominent.

The importance of embroidery in Pakistani weddings

Weddings in Pakistan are out of the ordinary. Mouthwatering food, bright and colorful themes along with extraordinary fashion and culture-filled function are the perfect summarization of a Pakistani wedding. Pakistani weddings are the best example of the diversity of Pakistan’s culture. There are numerous types of Pakistani wedding dresses, for example, Lehnga, Angrakha, Sharara, Gharara, Farshi Pajama, Bridal Gown, ShalwarKameez, and much more. Pakistani wedding dresses are a symbol of Pakistani clothing as it holds great historical value for prehistoric art.

Embroidery like chinkari, Kantha, zardozi, and kashidakari are very common on wedding dresses. The embroidery on a wedding dress can be either heavy or light. The weight of embroidery depends upon the taste of the person wearing it and how much they are willing to spend on their dress.

Since there are multiple events at a Pakistani wedding, the bride needs a different dress for every event. A Pakistani bridal dress for walima will be different from what the bride wore on her mehndi event. There are many events involved in a Pakistani wedding, dholki, mehndi, mayun, Barat, and walima are the total number of events that take place. However, some people like to keep their weddings conservative and short so they might avoid some events. Usually, the mehndi dress for the bride is yellow, orange, and green as it is the basic theme of this event.

Wedding dresses in Pakistan are one of the most expensive clothing. These are expensive due to the effort put into the embroidery and style of clothing. It takes months to create a single dress and some designers only sell one piece per design, meaning every dress they make is different.

Online wedding dress shopping in Pakistan

After the pandemic, many people have started to buy their clothing online. After such a boom in online marketplaces, many brands have started to focus on online selling. It is easy to find good clothing online, however, buying clothes online can be tricky. When buying readymade clothing one must be vigilant and buy the right size. Pakistani clothes are easily available online but while buying them we must be careful of frauds and check product reviews before buying. Buying clothing from trusted sources and brands is the safest way of online shopping.

Wedding dresses are the dresses that best represent a Pakistani fashion brand. These wedding dresses can be bought online as the wedding season approaches this year. So go online right now to get your best wedding outfits for women.


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