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Lark Engineering is an industry poultry feed manufacturer in India, which is famous for making and selling feed mills, shaft mixer, and ribbon mixer.

Lark Engineering is an industry of poultry feed manufacturer in India, which is famous for making and selling feed mills, shaft mixer, and ribbon mixer, we provide all types of machines from small farmers and businessmen to large businessmen.

Pellet Feed Mill

The pelleting machine is a pellet feed mill cycle wherein blended feed in powder structure is changed over into pellets by mechanical pressure in the mix with dampness and warmth. The cycle is accomplished by a bunch of rolls and pass on of appropriate opening size and shape. As the die & roll rotate, the item goes through the nip of roll and die and pressed into die holes to make pellets.

Double Shaft Mixer

The double shaft mixer, additionally called Horizontal Non-gravity Mixer, is a serious blender machine with high proficiency, high consistency, extreme focus, and low energy utilization. The machine is generally utilized for blending powder-powder a lot granule, particularly appropriate for materials with huge distinction in explicit gravity or molecule size.

Double Ribbon Mixer

The double ribbon mixer with a full-width release base gives an extremely quick release of the blender and is appropriate for plants having blender fitted at some tallness (i.e., structure) and have flood receptacle beneath it. Because of quick releasing, isolation at release is enormously dodged. These blenders comprise of a U-formed even through in which a hardcore shaft with two strips fit as a fiddle at various pitch circle widths is mounted with the assistance of arms. The lace helix is molded to the point that when within blending shaft pivots, one strip pushes the material on one side while simultaneously the other lace pushes the material inverse side.

Poultry Feed Manufacturer in India

Poultry is one of the quickest developing segments of the farming area in India with around an eight percent development rate for every annum. The poultry area in India has gone through a change in perspective in structure and activity which has been its change from a simple terrace action into a significant business agro-based industry over a time of forty years. The steady endeavors in up-degree, alteration, and use of new advancements prepared for the multifold and multifaceted development in poultry and united areas. The improvement isn't just in size yet additionally in efficiency, refinement, and quality.


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