TechPally hints on Learning Programs for High-Grade Students
The impacts of Technology advancement has been felt in almost all industries, from law, health, journalism, tourism, banking, education and several others.

TechPally hints on Learning Programs for High-Grade Students

The impacts of Technology advancement has been felt in almost all industries, from law,  health, journalism, tourism, banking, education and several others.

While there are advantages and disadvantages of technology on education, the pros are much more.

One of the areas which technology, through the internet has helped education is through learning programs on the internet.

At TechPally conference last year, we discussed how self learning can help students learn better.

There's now need for personalized learning, and internet education has been seen to foster that.

Today,i would like to mention some learning applications that are less talked about on the internet.


ClassDojo is an interesting learning application for children as it uses what is known as “virtual classroom learning”.

This application allows parents, students, and teachers to interact with each other.

For example, students can communicate with their teachers regarding their educational needs, and parents can keep up with their children's progress.

This involves children as they can get the attention required to get a better education.

This has removed some barriers and balance up some advantages of classroom learning over online education.

With this app, parents can get feedback on their student's progress from the teacher.

Students will have personal interaction with the teachers and this can help boost their learning prowess.

This app enriches the classroom experience without replacing it, while at the same time providing positive reinforcement and communication between teachers, students, and parents.

 Google Classroom

Google always want to dominate the internet.

It has several tools on the internet, but there's has been more learning programs from them recently.

One of the education tools is Google Classroom.

This application allows you to manage what happens in the classroom online and in a collaborative way, be it classes, homework, and even individual and collective work.

Its functionality is associated with a Gmail account and offers the possibility of creating documents, sharing information in different formats, scheduling meetings, and holding them virtually.

In this way, teachers gain more control over all the tasks that happen in the classroom.

In turn, through this application, students can also communicate with the teacher or with their classmates to organize activities or study sessions.

   MyScript Calculator 2

MyScript Calculator 2 is a very fun math app for kids and adults.

It allows you to write math problems with your finger or a stylus. The app then converts this writing and solves the problem for you.

It's one of the most visually pleasing calculators we've ever seen.

It supports several operations, including algebra, trigonometry, and basic arithmetic, among others, says Techpally.

You can also write divisions and fractions in several different ways.

This is highly recommended for those in elementary school, high school, and even mid-college.

Unfortunately, this application is not free, so if you want to use it, you must pay a small amount to access it.


YouTube is probably the best of the educational apps for hands-on learning.

You can find tutorials and how-to videos for just about anything.

You can find all kinds of educational videos from how to change the oil in your car, solve a math problem, give lectures on astronomy, health or learn programming languages, says Techpally boss.

Most of the YouTube channels do not adhere to the learning style, however, it is also a reality that today everyone learns something new, thanks to their videos.

Regardless, YouTube is a great source of secondary learning.

Youtube is completely free, although you can also pay per month to get YouTube Premium and avoid all the annoying ads


In conclusion, we can tell you that mobile technology and application development offers numerous benefits in the education industry.

Students are more motivated to use a mobile phone for every purpose, therefore applications are the perfect way to engage students in learning and improving their skills.


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