What are the best web development tips?
Website Development itself is a very coupled thing with its collaterals. While website development, you also need to take care of everything else like designing, content.

Your website is your first digital impression. Think of it, the social media presence of your company is on a third-party platform, but your website is completely yours.

Website Design and Development Company

  1. Website Design :

Website themes are cool, but we don't suggest to you that if you are really concerned about your branding. Develop a website that is specially designed for you from scratch which should also be aligned with the brand.

2. Website Content :

Content is the key element of anything digitally. Your website is also digital, which means you need to take care of content as it defines how people will interact with your website and your company.

3. Website Graphics :

Using direct png and jpg images could reduce your website speed drastically. If you use low-quality png and jpg images, it could look ugly. That’s why we use and suggest to you to use Scalable vector graphics format (SVG) for your website graphics.

4. On-Page SEO :

On-Page SEO is something that people get aware of after it's too late. But what we suggest and do is that On-Page SEO should be done during the website development phase itself.

5. Website Speed :

Do you enjoy to wait while your burger is getting ready in the kitchen? obviously not right! The same thing is with the website, your website needs to be fast to make sure you don't lose visitors.

There are many more things like website maintenance, animations used on websites, etc. 

Finbyz Tech delivers you a complete website keeping all the things in mind.

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