What are the components of ERP?
ERP solution is not a single entity, but it is the combination of several modules or components which makes it fully functional and capable to manage everything of business at one screen.

The process of implementing an ERP Software to your company could not be an easy task, as ERPs are customizable according to the type of industry of business.

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Keeping everything aside, let us show you what are the different components of any ERP Solution

1 Accounting

This component of ERP manages the most crucial part that is finance and accounts of the company. It gives you clear insights on the company’s account and it also helps you to generate sales and purchase invoices.


It is 10 times easier to retain an old customer than to get a new one, that’s why maintaining good relationships and touch with your customers is necessary. CRM Module of ERP Helps you to establish proper customer relationships.

3. Inventory

Stock inventory is the core of any ERP. If you have a business where you need to manage the inventory, you will know that inventory is the money in just another form, Thus it is very much important to have clear insights on your inventory and manage it smoothly

4 Human Resource

Human Resources are the most important form of resources in any organization. ERP Helps you playfully manage everything you need to care about the people working at your organization.

There are other important components as well like Purchase, Manufacturing, Support and Exim, if you want to read in detail please visit Various Modules of ERP Solution

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