Why Selenium Automation Testing is important?
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Why Selenium Automation Testing is important?

Selenium is a popular open source testing tool. It is used for automating web applications across all platforms (Ex.: Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla etc.). The testing done through selenium online training tool is known as Selenium Testing.. There are many tools available for automation testing but why Selenium Automation Testing is exclusively required?

Here we see the details of Selenium Automation Testing requirements:-

Selenium has different components; each serves the different testing needs across organizations.

The different types of Selenium are; 

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)

  • Web driver

  • Selenium grid 

Brief Idea of Selenium IDE – Selenium IDE (Integrated development environment) is an easiest and simple tool to use, which can be learnt easily. It is used as a prototype tool and it supports Firefox plug-in only. It is very easy to install but the testing executed by IDE is very slow compared to other selenium components.

Brief Idea of Selenium RC – Selenium RC or Remote Control is a JAVA driven server. It helps in writing automated tests in any programming language like PHP, .Net, Python, Java etc. across web applications.

Brief Idea of Selenium Web Driver – Selenium web driver proved better than Selenium RC and IDE.  Unlike Selenium RC and IDE, it uses advanced and modern approach in automation of browsers across platforms. Instead of depending on Java script, it directly communicates with browser to control the actions. It also supports various programming languages like Selenium RC.

Brief Idea of Selenium Grid – Selenium grid is a tool that runs multiple tests across all the browsers at same time. It is used in parallel with Selenium RC to run automated testing.

At present Selenium RC and Web Driver are merged together to form Selenium 2.

Advantages of Selenium Automation Testing – 

The following points are discussed as advantages of Selenium Automation Testing:-

  1. Major language support - Selenium supports all the major and important programming languages/software for automated testing like Java, python, PHP, Pearl, Ruby and so on. It also writes the test scripts for automation tests. So, it doesn’t need to worry about the secured and dedicated Selenium automation testing.

  1. Open Source Tool – There are many advantages of Selenium as it’s an open source tool and easily available. It is freely accessed for automation testing of web applications. So there are hidden costs. It supports the developers and software professions to automate the web browsing features.

  1. Supports Multiple Browsers – It doesn’t require writing individual scripts for each browser as Selenium script supports multiple browsers with same script. It is compatible with all the major web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox and so on. 

  1. Supports Multiple OS – It supports different operating systems like UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Mac for different purposes. It provides ease of writing scripts for different platforms without paying much time for a single run.

  1. Easy Installation – Selenium is an easy to use tool. It can be easily installed and executed in a user-friendly environment. We can watch the running tests and detailed report analysis of Selenium tests.

  1. Flexible to use – Selenium automation testing provides flexible use of testing in an automated environment. It helps the testers and developers to make the changes quickly to the codes, minimize duplicate matters and complications of testing and so on. 

  1. Regular Updates – Selenium is supported by community which releases regular updates on Selenium testing. These updates are readily available to understand quickly as well. 

Advantages of Selenium over QTP (UFT) – QTP or Quick Test Professional is also an automated testing tool which is owned by HP Company. The following are the advantages of Selenium over QTP;-

  • Selenium is open source software and free to use. While QTP is a commercial one which needs to pay for use. 

  • Selenium can run tests among various browsers but QTP can run only for the selected browsers.

  • Selenium supports different operating systems while QTP supports only Windows OS.

  • Selenium supports all mobile devices where QTP supports the mobile app HP Mobile center that uses only HP solutions. 

Disadvantages of Selenium over QTP – 

  • Selenium is used for web application testing only, where QTP tests support both desktop and web applications. 

  • Selenium automates slowly as it doesn’t have IDE where QTP is faster than Selenium in automation testing as it carries IDE features. 

  • Selenium doesn’t offer any professional support where QTP offers customer support professionally. 

Selenium automation testing jobs – 

 In today’s market there are different jobs available, where Selenium online training Hyderabad Automation testing jobs are on high demand. As automation turns to reduce the human capacity in different places, it reduces the cost of productivity and provides ease of services in a fast paced environment. Thus, automation testing is required to control the traffic increasing across web applications. So, the companies are doing ease of business using automated platforms. Major IT companies across the metro cities in India are in the search of Selenium automation testing professionals who can change the world of browsers with automated testing. Popular job portals like Naukri, Indeed and so on are the sources where these professionals can meet such recruiters easily.

On the basis of above data, it is concluded that Selenium Automation Testing is an important tool to learn for the upcoming software professionals as per current market requirement and for the ease of testing web applications in a fast paced manner.

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